Colorfull and hot spiced curry flavored Kimpira!








Colorfull and hot spiced curry flavored Kimpira!

Kimpira is Japanese home cooking, using potatoes and other vegetables flavored with soy sauce and sugar and other Japanese seasoning.

This palate is my favorite one I bought at POTPURRI in Kiyosumi-shirakawa.

<Cooking Ingredient>

♪4 Green peppers ♪2 Potatoes ♪2/1 of Paprika ♪3 pieces of Satsuma-age ♪One table spoon of Sesame oil


♪One table spoon of Japanese sake  ♪One table spoon of Mirin  ♪One table spoon of sugar  ♪One table spoon of soy sauce  ♪One table spoon of Men-tsuyu  ♪One tea spoon of curry powder

<How To Cook>

①Cut green pepper and paprika thinly.Cut Satsuma-age into easy to eat size.Cut potato thinly and put them into water in a bowl.

②Drain potatoes using strainer.After putting them in a silicone steamer, heat in the microwave oven for 3 to 4 minutes.

③Heat sesame oil on a pan and fry green pepper and paprika on medium heat.

④Add potatoed and Satsuma-age and fry them all.

⑤Pour flavorings on high heat and mix them up.Put a lid on with low heat for 1 minute.

⑥Finish when every ingredients flavored!

Easy and good spicy Kimpira.




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