I would like to spread happy meal eating and talking together with your family and with your friends not alone. Please do not let your children have meal alone. I used to do so because I was a single mother and very busy with work. (This is just my excuse..) And I regretted not to make homemade meal and not to have much time having meal with my children.But I realized that having meal with my children was the best communication place and expression of affection for me.And I heard there are many children have meal alone. And also heard there are many elder people having meal alone. I would like to change the world of lonely meal. I would like to reduce the people having meal alone. And let them know the happy feeling having meal with family and friends. Please join Washoku Kitchen Shinobu and learn how to have happy meal with some tip to cook.


春菊のかき揚げ! (Vegetable Tempura)