Very popular! ! Spring roll and steamed meat dumpling lessons! !

Here is the dish the student made in the lesson the other day.

They made these 5 dishes in a lesson.

●Japanese style spring roll

●steamed meat dumpling


●Vermicelli salad

●Mix of gizzard and soy sauce

Both spring rolls and sweet potatoes are very delicious and well done.

This time, the event was a program of “10 spring rolls each” and “15 each person”, and the lessons were very exciting.

“So many!” “Eat with family!” “It looks delicious!”

I was also very happy to receive many nice comments.

It was a very meaningful lesson where you could learn how to make lots and keep frozen.

I will prepare various lessons next time and look forward to your visit! !

The lessons currently being held are here.

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🌟6 snacks lesson!

🌟Dishes using Miso Lesson!

🌟Meal Prep 7 dishes Lesson!

🌟Fried Chicken and cooked rice with octopus Lesson!

In our classroom, 2-3 students
  It is a “semi-private lesson” style.

The ingredients are prepared for one serving.
While making a lecture one by one carefully, you can make all the menus to the end.

“I want to learn cooking well”
“I want to make everything and master the tips”
“I want to use it for practice”

It is a fun lesson where you can receive your wishes.

Please come to Washoku kitchen Shinobu full of smiles.
I look forward to seeing you soon.

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