7 dishes in 40 minutes!!

As a teacher who presides over a short cooking class, it is only natural to master a short cooking!

In altre parole, anche la tenda nella camera da letto in uno dei suoi punti di vista pillole per erezione in farmacia senza ricetta portare al fallimento a letto, perché è associata a te con problemi quotidiani.

Moreover, not only the time but also the taste of the food should be delicious.

So, every day, I repeat practice and challenge, and every day I make new discoveries while repeating mistakes.

These 7 dishes in this photo are made in just 40 minutes.


●Fried leek and egg

●Cucumber and memma with hot spicy sauce

●Octopus and cucumber with wasabi and mayonnaise sauce

●Turnip leaf Furikake

●Greenpepper and puplica kimpira

●Tofu and green onion with ginger soup

this 7 dishes

It will not be completed in 40 minutes by creating one by one.

But how??

The answer is “make all the dishes in parallel”.

For example ” cucumber “

Cucumber is used in 2 items in this menu.

One is sliced round slices and the other is striked cucumbers.

Prepare two kinds of cucumbers at the same time, keep them in salt, and cut other vegetables in the meantime.

Then I will make a stir fry at the end.

While cooking the soup ingredients, finish the salad.

and so on…

It is the cooking class of “Washoku Kitchen Shinobu” that can acquire such a skill.

Please come to such a class that I can say with confidence that this is the cooking class where you can learn delicious dishes while having fun! ! !

To apply, please contact us directly or from the link below.

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I look forward to welcoming everyone!

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