“Softly simmered pork belly and Turnip”

“Softly simmered pork belly and Turnip”

The turnip has turned into a delicious season.

This dish introduced in the article of the other day in Meal Prep post.

Could you imagine what kind of taste this is?

It is a very delicious dish with pork belly soup soaked into softly simmered turnip.

I will introduce the recipe immediately!

<Ingredients> Turnip: 5 tabs   Leaves of turnip: the amount is your choice Pork belly: 300g Cooking sake: 2 table spoon Soy sauce: 2 Table spoon Mirin: 2 Table spoon Shiro dashi: 1 Table spoon Water: 200cc

<How to make>  

①Peel the skin of turnip and cut into four equal pieces.

②Pork bely slice thick.

Turnip and Pork belly

③Cut the turnip leaves around 3 cm.

④Bake Pork belly until roasted in a frying pan.(You do not need to use salad oil to bake)

Bake Pork belly in a Frying pan

⑤In a saucepan, cook sake, mirin, Shiro dashi soup and soy sauce, add water, put the roasted Pork belly, covered for 20 minutes with a lid.

First stew Pork belly

⑥Next, put the turnip, covered with a lid and boil for 5 minutes.

Input turnip

⑦Add the turnip leaves, covered the lid and boil for 1 minute. Ready!

Add turnip leaves

The turnip became delicious Hot and Trotoro(means softly simmered) with Pork belly soup!

Everyone, please have try! !

Ready! Hot and softly simmered!

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