Grilled Japanese Horse Mackerel!


Do you like Japanese Horse Mackerel?

Speaking of Japanese Horse Mackerel, I love Fried one called “Aji-furai”

When I went to Chiba Prefecture, I was really moved by the size and number of horse mackerel compared the one eaten in Tokyo.

Until now…


As a cooking expert, I could not say “I love Aji-furai and the only one recipe I know for Horse Mackerel is Aji-furai”…

So I tried to make another menu of Horse Mackerel.

Here is glaze-grilled one!!

Oh! ! This is pretty delicious! !

So, this time I will introduce this glaze-grilled Japanese Horse Mackerel.


Japanese Horse Mackerel (3sheet) 3  Flour Appropriate amount Salad oil Appropriate amount Peel of Yuzu Appropriate amount Sesame Appropriate amount  

 For Sauce : 1 tablespoon of soy sauce 1 tablespoon of mirin 1 tablespoon of sake 1 tablespoon sugar

<How to cook>

①Sprinkle a little salt on the Japanese Horse Mackerel and sprinkle flour

②Add salad oil on a frying pan and fry them.

③If both sides are burnt, add soy sauce, sugar, sake, mirin and cover with the sauce

④Serve on a plate, sprinkle peel of Yuzu and it’s done!

It also looks delicious if sprinkle Shiso on top.

Please try it by all means. I also love Aji-furai, but …

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