Meal Prep for this week・・・Made on Feb.12, 2019

Meal Prep:Made on Feb.11, 2019

This week’s “Meal Prep” was a menu with a lot of root vegetables.

From left to right➡️

①Seafood curry②Simmered pork meat with a lot of root vegetables③Consomme soup with potato and bacon ④pork tripe stew(Motsuni)

From the left middle to right➡️

⑤Simmered mackerel with miso⑥Lotus root’s Kimpira⑦Chicken picked in Teriyaki sauce for Teriyaki chicken ⑧asparagus omelet

Bottom row from left to right➡️

⑨Fried egg⑩Chicken soboro ⑪boiled asparagus ⑫boiled spinach ⑬vinegar seaweed⑭Fried chicken breast

That’s all. 14 dishes!!

Recommendation of this time is pork tripe stew(Motsuni) ! It is the best dish to suit sake and shochu too! I think whether there are many people who are not good at pork tripe, but after taking the peculiar smell of pork stripe and cook with strong flavor, it will be delicious stew.

It is delicious if you put a hot seasoning shrimp or mustard!

I will introduce this recipe next time!

Please look forward to!

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