Meal Prep for this week…Made on March 03, 2019

Meal Prep:March 03, 2019

There are many brown side dishes this week.

Nonetheless, fish, meat, vegetables and eggs are well balanced.

From the top left of the photo

① Keema curry ② ingredients of pork miso soup ③ sweet boiled Chinese cabbage and pork meat (eat it with egg later) ④ Fried tofu and pork meat with curry flavor

From the left middle to right

⑤ Ingredient of Japanese Chicken rice ⑥ Eggplant Shiso Miso ⑦ Pickled turnip with yuzu peel ⑧ Green pepper and Fried fish balls Kimpira ⑨Yellow tail and Japanese radish simmered dish

Bottom row from left to right

⑩ Fried egg with spinach ⑪ Fried green pepper and potato mustard flavor ⑫ Roast beef ⑬ Fried chicken with soy sauce taste ⑭ Fried chicken with red ginger taste

This time I will introduce all ingredients I used.

Carrot, Japanese radish, burdock, eggplant, Chinese cabbage, onions, shiitake mushrooms, green peppers, turnip, spinach, potatoes, shiso, beef, ground pork, pork meat, chicken, yellowtail, bacon, fried tofu, egg, southern fried fish balls

When I make meal prep, I try to choose ingredients that can incorporate nutrition such as root vegetables, green-yellow vegetables, proteins, vitamins and minerals in a well-balanced manner.

I learned from my mother the teaching of “Preparing the condition of the body with food”.

Anyway to eat various foods balanced. This is the secret to keeping you healthy.

Next time I will introduce one recipe from these meal prep !

Looking forward to!

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