Cooking School at Washoku Kitchen Shinobu!!

In “Washoku Kitchen Shinobu”, I will proceed with lessons according to the process chart for 5 items so that you can make 5 dishes based on Japanese home cooking in 30 minutes.

I will explain the flow of the lesson.

First of all, say hello to everyone who come to the lesson, ask about things that they are not good at cooking, and the environment of their home kitchen (what gas is there, how many gas stoves are there, etc.) And I will devise depends on their situation and start lessons.

Divide the lessons into each process,

Demonstration → Practice → Demonstration → Practice

Repeatedly, at the end 5 items are to be completely completed by themselves.

I will tell you in detail based on the flow of the lesson I held the other day,

The other day’s lesson was “5 menu in 30 minutes using spring ingredients” and cooked the following 5 items.

●Asparagus and Pork belly

●Simmered Turnip and Pork belly

●Turnip soup with soy milk

●Canola flower with Karashi sauce

●Rice with seaweed and ume

We complete these 5 menu in 30 minutes.

In the lesson, 5 items will be made in parallel based on the material list like this and the process list.

If you go along with this process chart, 5 items will be completed in 30 minutes! !

Here is what the students made in the lesson the other day.

The lesson scenery is here

And we have a fun meal time with everyone after finished cooking.

While talking with everyone, “In the next lesson, I would like to cook something” and connecting to the next idea.

The lessons held now.

<Time-saving cooking Lesson Part 2>

“Steam egg custard/Spanish mackerel with vinegar sauce/Cabbage and cucumber and orange salad/Green pepper and sesame/Miso soup” 5 menu.

Schedule:3/30(Sat) ①10:00〜12:00 ②14:00〜17:00

      4/7(Sun) ①10:00〜12:00 ②14:00〜17:00

<Time-saving cooking Lesson Part3>

”Roast beef/Mashed potato/Onion potage soup/Marinated carrot/Arugula saute” 5 menu.


4/20(Sat) 10:00〜12:00

<Time-saving cooking Lesson Part4>

”Japanese omlet/Simmered seaweed/Pork meat with miso/mushroom saute/Japanese pickles” 5 menu.


4/27(Sat) 14:00〜17:00

      4/29(Mon) ①10:00〜12:00 ②14:00〜17:00

<Time-saving cooking Lesson Part5>

”Chicken meat ball/Kani tama/Kimpira/Sweet potato with lemon and butter/Pickled turnip” 5 menu

Schedule:5/3(Fri) ①10:00〜12:00 ②14:00〜17:00

5/4(Sat) 10:00〜12:00

5/11日(Sat) ①10:00〜12:00 ②14:00〜17:00

<Time-saving coking Lesson Part6>

”Chinjao-rosu/Nira-tama/Octopus salad/Pickled cucumber/Green onion soup with ginger” 5 menu.

Schedule:5/12(Sun) 10:00〜12:00

5/18(Sat) ①10:00〜12:00 ②14:00〜17:00

5/19日(Sun) 10:00〜12:00

I look forward to see you soon!!

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