Meal Prep for this week…Made on Feb.03,2019

Here, Meal Prep for this week made yesterday.

From left to right➡️

①Oden②Shredded vegetable and Chicken breast strips salad③Softly simmered pork belly and Turnip ④Chicken meat with miso sauce dipped

From the left middle to right➡️

⑤Corn cream stew⑥Pickled salmon the vegetable ⑦Ham cutlets ⑧Fried pumpkin ⑨Pickled turnip

Bottom row from left to right➡️

⑩Boiled broccoli ⑪Chicken with hot spiced sauce dipped ⑫Leaf of Turnip and salmon Furikake ⑬ Nanohana with Karashi sauce

That’s all. 13 recipe!!

The recommendation of this time … There is no doubt that it is all delicious, but, in particular, it is “Softly simmered pork belly and Turnip”!

It is a Japanese style dish simmered to Trotoro (means very soft) using pork belly and turnip which at the head of the season.

The soup of pork belly into turnip, it is very tasty!

It will not be greasy since pork belly is cooked after grilling in a frying pan

Although it may be hard to imagine the taste from the photograph, please imagine what it is.

The correct answer is the next recipe introduction! !

Please look forward to!

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