Five items made by students in the lesson the other day!

These are 5 items made by my students in my cooking lesson held the other day!

●Steamed egg custard made with a microwave

●Spanish mackerel with flavor sauce

●Green peppers with small pieces of bonito

●Orange salad

●Seaweed miso soup

It is a lesson to make these 5 dishes in just 30 minutes!

The ingredients used are Spanish mackerel, green onion, ginger, garlic, green pepper, small pieces of bonito, sesame, cabbage, cucumber, oranges, mushroom, spinach, chicken, eggs, and seaweed.

There are many processes to make five items, such as cutting, frying, mixing and heat in microwave with so many ingredients.

However, if the students practice and make it in the same process after my demonstration, 5 items will be produced in a really short time!

The impression of the student after they finish cooking…

“I could make it all by myself!”

“I made 5 items in very short time!”

It is a very nice impression.

I’m tired just to make an article … I used to experience such myself before.

However, I was able to make many menu at the same time, thanks to the training and the tips.

I think cooking is a work of art.

Each ingredient can be transformed into different dishes and can be changed into different tastes.

And it’s also like sports, not betraying just training.

I love cooking!

After all, I will continue my cooking lesson from now on so that you can feel cooking is a work of art and so that you can feel exhilarating after sports.

Let’s cook together! !

~ Lessons currently being held ~

Part 3. Roast beef bowl lessons


4/20(SAT) 10:00〜12:00  

Part 4. Standard Japanese food lesson

4/21(SUN) 10:00〜12:00

4/27(SAT) 14:00〜16:00          

4/29(MON) 10:00〜12:00  14:00〜16:00  

Part 5. Menu lessons for lunchboxes

5/3(FRI) 10:00〜12:00  14:00〜16:00        

5/4(SAT) 10:00〜12:00        

5/11(SAT) 10:00〜12:00  14:00〜16:00  

Part 6. Easy Japanese Chinese Lesson

5/12(SUN) 10:00〜12:00        

5/18(SAT) 10:00〜12:00  14:00〜16:00        

5/19(SUN) 10:00〜12:00  

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