Fluffy Japanese wrapped egg!

This time, it’s a Japanese standard food, Japanese wrapped egg.https://www.naftawatch.com/sulle-nuove-tendenze-del-sesso/

I use simple and convenient bottled dashi soup instead of taking it from the bonito.

Mix eggs, bottled dashi soup and water, and mix with your favorite ingredients, and bake them several times.

Break eggs, add dashi soup and water, and mix with your favorite ingredients
Add salad oil to the frying pan for omelet and pour it little by little
Roll up little by little and add salad oil
Roll up several times
Fluffy Japanese wrapped egg finished!

Ingredients to put in something you like.

If the color is beautiful, the appetite will go well ~

I love to eat with daikon oroshi!

I will make this kind of wrapped egg in my cooking lesson, too!!

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