Meal Prep for this week…Made on March 10, 2019

Meal Prep: Made on March 10, 2019

This week, I made three kinds of dishes using ground pork.

This is also a short-time cooking trick to make lots of dishes as fast as possible.

Transforming the same ingredients into another dish, this is my favorite technique.

Among these, the dishes made with ground pork are “Soboro”, “Shumai” and “Meat dumpling”.

“Meat dumplings” and “Shumai” are completely different in appearance and taste, but the seasonings and ingredients used are almost the same.

The process up to the middle stage is the same, and I will change from the middle to another dish.

I will introduce this time’s meal prep.

From the top left of the photo

①Simmered Hijiki seaweed ②Soboro ③Miso marinated pork ④Shumai

From the left middle to right

⑤Meat dumplings ⑥Spinach namul ⑦Carrot namul ⑧Spinach and tuna salad ⑨Potato with butter and soy sauce

Bottom row from left to right

⑩Onion potage ⑪Horse mackerel grilled ⑫Marinated turnip with fruit ⑬Carrot and onion salad with sesame oil ⑭Boiled eggs with soy sauce

As for the shumai which I explained in previous is number④ and the meat dumpling is number ⑤.

In fact, there are many other things that turning into different dishes with the same ingredients into.

Well, which is it? ?

The correct answer is ⑥ and ⑧, using spinach.

And ①⑦⑭. These are the transformation with carrots.


This is also the tip of a short-time cooking, which is one of the reasons why I could have been it has been able to continue making meal prep many years.

Next time I will introduce one recipe from these meal prep !

Looking forward to!

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