What are the tips of time-saving cooking?

What is timesaving cooking?

The motto of time-saving cooking, which I am studying on a daily basis,

“Delicious” “Quick” “It looks good”.

And I am training to make 5 items in 30 minutes.

Lift the barbell to master the frying pan, do push-ups, train myself day and night to master knives quickly · · · · · · · · ·

It is a joke.

Training is that if you cook 5 items, you will be able to draw “process charts” of 5 items.

And to cook according to the process chart.

In order to make five items, not to make idle time that is vacant. To complete all the menus at the end while progressing various tasks in parallel at the same time. For these purposes, the procedure sheet that describes the order of cutting materials and the order of cooking is called the process chart.

I draw the process chart while also conscious of the time axis and the flow line under work.

By doing that training you will be able to make 5 items in 30 minutes! Anyone!

Why do not you try training with my cooking class lessons together?

It is a logical training using a head rather than physical like muscle training!

You can apply for my cooking lessons held from March to April!

Cookpad Do!で予約受付中のイベントはこちら(和食キッチンしのぶ)

I am looking forward to seeing you!

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