Meal Prep for this week…Made on April 09, 2019

I have a lot of fried food this week!

Fried chicken and minced cutlet! It is favorite food of family …

And it is also a handy item for lunchboxes …

And it is also an excellent thing that can be stored frozen …

There are two types of fried chicken, soy sauce flavor and red ginger flavor.

There are two types of minced cutlet, one is simple with onion and minced pork and the other is the one with cabbage inside.

I introduce the lineup in the photo.

From the top left of the photo

①Soy sauce flavor fried chicken ②Red ginger flavor fried chicken ③Chicken breast and Zasai salad ④Eggplant and ginger

From the left middle to right

⑤Minced cutlet ⑥Minced cutlet cabbage inside ⑦Pickled cabbage and cucumber with ume ⑧Home made memma ⑨Turnip Furikake

Bottom row from left to right

⑩Simmered seaweed ⑪Pickled cabbage and cucumber ⑫Pickled turnip ⑬Cabbage and tuna salad with sesame oil ⑭Spicy namul with minced meat and bean sprouts

I think fried foods are high in calories and I’m anxious ~, but sometimes I want to eat a lot.

So I made a lot of this time …

I will also introduce recommended recipes from this!

See you next time!

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