Meal Prep for this week・・・Made on Feb.17, 2019

Meal Prep:Made on Feb.17, 2019

This week’s “Meal Prep” concept was a menu for preparing. I mean prepare some ingredients cooked and complete cooking just before eat.

⑧ The hamburger steak is just baked. We will eat it by transforming it into a mushroom cream sauce with ⑪ mushroom sauce with milk.

Also, ⑨ garlic shrimp. Just add eggs and green onion just before we eat , and transform into beautiful looking.

The other one is cooked ⑬ingredients for ma-bo-do-fu. Add Tofu just before eating.

The picture, From left to right➡️

① Chinese rice bowl ingredients ② Canned simmered mackerel with miso cooked with tomato cream sauce ③④ Cooked vegetable and pork meat for Miso soup (called Ton-jiru)

From the left middle to right➡️

⑤ Refreshing salad of mandarins and cabbage ⑥ Simmered seaweed (called Hijiki) ⑦ Chicken breast and onion salad with sesame and soy sauce ⑧ Just baked hamburger steak ⑨ Garlic shrimp

Bottom row from left to right➡️

⑩ Miso hamburger steak ⑪ Mushroom sauce ⑫ Canola flower spiced with mustard ⑬ ingredients for ma-bo-do-fu.

Recommendation of this time is ” Canned simmered mackerel with miso cooked with tomato cream sauce “

It is great delicious when you eat this with rice! What is the taste of Japanese and Western collaboration! It is so delicious!

I will introduce this recipe next time!

Please look forward to!

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