The First Time-saving Cooking Lesson

December 16th, 2018

I had a lesson”Time saving cooking” for the mother and father who are too busy to make homemade cooking.But I told them some tip to make delicious recipe for kids even though they do not have much time.The goal is to make 3 recipe in one hour.Before started cooking, I explained the tip to proceed many kinds of process in one movement.And finally they could finish in one hour!

Here are 3 menu.

●Oven baked Hamburger steak

●Corn soup with caned corn-cream

●Sliced vegetable Salad with sesame oil and Soy sauce

The tips to save time cooking are “cut same vegetables at the same time” and “do not open up the oven space” and etc… But it is very hard to actually do even though just imagine in one’s head.

My thought is only one thing. Just have meal together with your children.Please get together while having meal surrounding foods.I hope to help them to be able to do so.

Please do not care not to good at cooking, not good at cook quickly.

Just have meal with your family and have happy time surrounding meal smiling.

I will think next recipe to help happy meal.


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