Meal Prep for this week!・・・Made on Jan.20th, 2019

Here! “Meal Prep” all made today.

From above line from the left ➡️ to the right(above picture)

①Chinese cabbage and pork belly meat soup with full of ginger ②Furikake with spinach and ground pork meat, tastes sweet and soy sauce ③Kiriboshi daikon(dried daikon strip) and Satsuma-age ④Soy milk soup with turnip and bacon, secret ingredient is Miso!

From middle line from left ➡️ to the right

⑤Seaweed and Za-sai with spiced sesame oil and soy sauce⑥Furofuki daikon with stock cubes soup⑦Fried chinese cabbage and pork belly meat and soy bean curd with chicken soup and salt⑧Buttered sweet potato and breast chicken

From bottom line from the left➡️ to the right

⑨Seaweed and cucumber with sweet vinegar⑩Boiled spinach⑪Turnip green Furikake⑫Turnip Tsukemono(pickles) take only 5 minutes⑬Carrot Rapee with lemon⑭Fried salmon

Among these, I recommend No.⑤

Easy to make! Just mixed seaweed with binned Za-sai, soy souce, sesame oil and spiced sesame oil.You can not stop to eat till the dish will be empty because it is delicious!

That’s all! 14 recipes!

Oh! I forgot to tell you one more thing.

I keep pork meat with Miso dare in the fridge.

Dipped pork meat with miso dare for 2 or 3 days and cook before you eat.

This is also delicious! You can not stop to eat rice if you have this pork with miso dare!!

I will update this information after we have this pork meat ins this week!

See you soon with pork meat!

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