Pork chuck Roll pickled with Miso sauce! This will help you to eat more and more rice…

This is Pork meat pickled with Miso sauce I introduced the other day.

Second day after pickled on 20th of January.

Very delicious, pickled Miso sauce deep inside.

I used Pork chuck Roll.

I have been pickled many parts of pork, but my favorite is Pork Chuck Roll best.

Pork Loin, Pork belly, Round, I have been tried many kinds of part.And my conclusion is this.


This help you so much to eat more and more rice!!! To be honest, I have never count how much rice I can eat at one bite of this Miso pork.But I have confidence to be able to eat full of rice on big bowl (in Japanese Donburi).


Anyway, this very delicious Miso pork which makes you to eat more rice.

It is very easy to make.

If you do not have much time to pickle, you can use only 30min.

Just pickle for 30 min, and cook on Frying pan before you eat. Or you can keep pickled pork in the fridge for 2 〜 3 days for meal prep.


<Ingredients> For 4 people

●Pork Cuck Roll 500g  ●Miso 2 Table spoon ●Sake 2 Table spoon ●Mirin 1 Table spoon

●Tubed garlic 1 Tea spoon ●Soy sauce1 Table spoon ●Huney 1 Table spoon ●Sesame oil 1 Table spoon

<How to cook>

1.Adjust seasoning, Miso・Sake・Mirin・Tubed Garlic・Soy sauce・Huney and make Miso sauce.


2.Put pork chuck tool on the Tupperware and pour Miso sauce on to them.

3.Repeat this prosess some times.

4.Put the lid on Tupperware and keep meat in the fridge for 15 min.

5.After 15 min. pour salad oil and Cooke on the frying pan!!

Please have a try!!



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