Meal Prep for this week! Made on Jan.26th, 2019

Here! “Meal Prep” for this week.

From above line from the left ➡️ to the right(above picture)

①Chile con carne(not spicy one) ②Chicken gratin sauce ③Fried Roughness of Tuna with sweet and soy sauce taste ④Cooked Sweet potato with lemon soup.

From middle line from left ➡️ to the right

⑤Pickled Cabbage and carrot ⑥Cooked Konjac with dashi and soy sauce ⑦Homemade meat sauce ⑧Breast chicken dipped with Negi and salt sauce

From bottom line from the left➡️ to the right

⑨Fried cabbage and sausage ⑩Tsukune dango (chicken meatballs )⑪Japanese radish and seaweed salad with Ume sauce ⑫Marinated octopus ⑬Seaweed and Menma ⑭Boiled spinach

That’s all! 14 recipes!

I made many Tori Tsukune-chicken meatballs (800g of ground meat) this time and keep them in the freezer.

If you keep them in the freezer, you can use for soup, use for hot pot, fry and dipped sweet and say sauce sauce.Very useful!!

Among these Meal Prep, I recommend No.③ “Fried Roughness of Tuna with sweet and soy sauce taste”

Even I made many, it took only 400 yen!!

You can find this type of roughness of fish at the very corner of fish zone in the supermarket.

I bought 2 packs of them.

After seasoned, fry with salad oil.And put Negi and mixed with sweet and soy sauce sauce.

This is very delicious!

Useful for lunch box, too!

Even though the roughness of fish, you can change to great dish depends on how to cook.

See you next time with this detail recipe!


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