Fried Roughness of Tuna with sweet and soy sauce taste!

Sorry I made you wait.

In an article of the other day, I introduce you an excellent recipe using roughness of tuna!

The treasure is sleeping in a corner of the fish in the supermarket.

Please try this treasure hunt by mastering this recipe by all means.

So how to cook.


Roughness of Tuna: 500g   Green onion: 1   Ginger : 1 clove   Sake: 2 Table spoon  Soy sauce(For flavor before cook): 1/2 Tablespoon   Starch: Proper amount   Salad oil for fry: Proper amount

●Sauce for Tuna                                                                                                                    Sake: 2 Table spoon   Soy sauce: 2 Table spoon   Mirin: 2 Table spoon  Honey: 1/2 of Table spoon

<How to cook>

① Grind ginger and make ginger juice.

②Cut the green onion about 5 cm long.

③Cut the tuna in a size easy to eat, dip sake and ginger juice and soy sauce.

④Sprinkle the tuna with potato starch, heat the salad oil in a frying pan and fried.

⑤Take out the tuna once.

⑥Wipe off extra oil with kitchen paper, add green onion and fry.

⑦Return tuna, and add seasoning for sauce, and get involved in sauce!

If you rub the Sake and ginger juice down to the taste, you will also get out of smell and it will be delicious!

Please try it!

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